Advertising in the Construction Industry

By Christopher M. Cobb September 24, 2019 Posted in Construction Law

Often times a good advertising program is the difference between the referral of a job or being left off the request for proposal sheet.  Like all industries, work comes from a good referral network and a good advertising program.  It may be enough to just do excellent work but construction […]

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How Long Does a Construction Lien Last in Florida?

By Christopher M. Cobb May 28, 2019 Posted in Community Association Law

When a Florida contractor is not paid for the work they perform on real property, Chapter 713 and the Florida Constitution permit the aggrieved contractor to record a construction lien on the property.  Construction liens are a valuable tool in the collection of amounts due and owner for work performed. […]

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Florida Construction Licensure and Worker’s Compensation

By Christopher M. Cobb May 28, 2019 Posted in Construction Law

The construction industry and trades can be dangerous at times, especially if you employ dozens of workers and labors who are on top of a roof or working heavy machinery.  Injuries can and do happen.  Under Chapter 489.114, if you want to become a licensed contractor in Florida, you will […]

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Buying a Condominium to Lease? Buyer Beware!

By William F. Cobb May 28, 2019 Posted in Community Association Law

Are you planning on buying a condominium to lease? Buyer beware… In Florida, the condominium community arrangement is a creature of statute governed by Chapter 718, Florida Statutes.  Central to the governance of the condominium community are the declaration of condominium and bylaws adopted and recorded in the public records […]

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