The Pooled and Component Methods of Reserve Funding for Community Associations

By Hans C. Wahl May 18, 2021 Posted in Community Association Law

Florida law requires reserve funding for certain community association common elements. Condominium associations are required to fund reserve accounts for roof replacement, building painting, pavement resurfacing and any other item that has a maintenance expense or replacement cost exceeding $10,000. Fla. Stat. § 718.112(2)(f). Homeowners’ associations are required to fund […]

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The Maintenance and Repair Responsibilities of Condominium Associations and Unit Owners When Damage Occurs

By Hans C. Wahl May 4, 2021 Posted in Community Association Law

Determining which entity is responsible for the cost of repair, replacement, and reconstruction when condominium property is damaged can be confusing.  Unit owners and condominium association leadership (board members and managers) often disagree about who is responsible for the expense after damage occurs.   The answer depends upon many factors. Florida […]

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Condominium Board Recalls in Florida

By Christopher M. Cobb April 8, 2021 Posted in Community Association Law

Condominium elections occur each year. For the most part, these elections are run properly and without incident.  However, from time to time a condominium election will result in the election of a candidate that may not serve the community properly or in the association’s best interests. What option do you […]

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Florida’s HOAs and Condominium Associations are Now Protected by the COVID-19 Liability Bill

By Hans C. Wahl March 31, 2021 Posted in Community Association Law

On March 29, 2021, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law a bill that protects businesses from COVID-19 liability-related lawsuits. This new law applies to not-for-profit businesses as well, which is the corporate structure of Florida’s homeowners’ and condominium associations.  As a result, Florida’s community associations are protected by this […]

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