Community Association Remedies for Rule Violations

By Hans C. Wahl July 7, 2022 Posted in Community Association Law

Owners of properties within Florida’s community associations are subject to and bound by that association’s governing documents, which include the declaration, bylaws, articles of incorporation, rules and regulations, and any architectural guidelines.  An association’s rules and regulations also apply to tenants who occupy a unit or parcel.  When residents violate […]

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Government Construction Contracting Part #6 – Florida’s Little Miller Act – Contractor’s Protections under the Little Miller Act

By James M. Gonzalez June 8, 2022 Posted in Construction Law

As discussed in the previous segment, a subcontractor or sub-subcontractor performing work on a Florida public works, building or land improvement project may seek to enforce its rights under the statute. Such action must be brought within one year of last performance or one year from when they last provided […]

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Government Construction Contracting Part #5 – Florida’s Little Miller Act – Subcontractor’s and Sub-Subcontractor’s Rights and Responsibilities under Florida’s Little Miller Act

By James M. Gonzalez May 10, 2022 Posted in Construction Law

Next in our series regarding government public works and improvement projects, we will discuss subcontractor’s and sub-subcontractor’s rights and responsibilities to secure and maintain protection under a bond issued for a Florida public works, building, and/or land improvement project. Recall in the previous segment, we discussed that a Florida public […]

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Adverse Possession and Deraignment

By Jessica A. Cappock April 21, 2022 Posted in Real Estate Litigation

Conveying is a precise process that must be handled with delicacy to avoid any hiccups along the way. Florida Courts have a long-standing history of protecting possessory rights. A possessor may be able to claim ownership of real property without deraigning title via adverse possession. Section 65.061(3), Florida Statutes, governing […]

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