An Introduction to Bid Protests Under Florida’s Administrative Procedure Act

Category: Construction Law

LEGISLATIVE UPDATE 2021 – Governor DeSantis Signs New Property Insurance Reform in Florida

By Nicholas Elder July 2, 2021 Posted in Construction Law

On June 11, 2021, Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law Senate Bill 76, addressing property insurance costs, roofing contractor practices, and improving upon the overall insurance market in Florida. The Governor’s office lauded the bill as an additional protection to Florida families by restructuring litigation rules for disputed insurance claims, […]

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LEGISLATIVE UPDATE 2021 – Construction Licensing And The Misapplication Of Construction Funds

By Christopher M. Cobb July 1, 2021 Posted in Administrative Law

If you have any type of contractor’s license, listen closely! The flow of money on a construction project can be intricate and complicated. There are payment applications, retainage, schedules of values, approvals, notices, lien waivers, lenders and more. When funds become limited or tight on construction project, contractors may engage […]

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Construction Contracts Escalation Cause

By William F. Cobb February 12, 2021 Posted in Construction Law

Contractors and Subcontractors do not possess a crystal ball!  Generally, contracts regarding construction involve the memorialization of what will be performed at some future event and how much it will cost.  Contractors and Subcontractors must then manage their labor, material and overhead costs through out the project in order to […]

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