Best Practices for Community Associations After a Hurricane: Action Steps After Hurricane Damage Affects Your Community

By Hans C. Wahl September 8, 2022 Posted in Community Association Law

How prepared is your community association to effectively deal with damage from the next hurricane that will inevitably hit the area? Lack of preparedness can result in unnecessary damage, recovery delays, and additional expenses. There are likely new board members at your community association that were not in that position […]

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Best Practices for Community Associations on Hurricane Preparedness: Action Steps Before a Hurricane Hits Your Community

By Hans C. Wahl August 10, 2022 Posted in Community Association Law

Is your community association prepared for the next hurricane?  In Florida, hurricanes tend to come in waves, such as two or three within a one- or two-year period, and then several years without a major hurricane.  Due to yearly changes on most community association boards, by the time the next […]

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Community Association Remedies for Rule Violations

By Hans C. Wahl July 7, 2022 Posted in Community Association Law

Owners of properties within Florida’s community associations are subject to and bound by that association’s governing documents, which include the declaration, bylaws, articles of incorporation, rules and regulations, and any architectural guidelines.  An association’s rules and regulations also apply to tenants who occupy a unit or parcel.  When residents violate […]

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Government Construction Contracting Part #6 – Florida’s Little Miller Act – Contractor’s Protections under the Little Miller Act

By James M. Gonzalez June 8, 2022 Posted in Construction Law

As discussed in the previous segment, a subcontractor or sub-subcontractor performing work on a Florida public works, building or land improvement project may seek to enforce its rights under the statute. Such action must be brought within one year of last performance or one year from when they last provided […]

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