Roofing Contractors: Yes, You Must Provide A Price In Your Contract For Insurance Jobs Even If The Insurer Hasn’t Approved The Final Amount Of The Claim

By Adam B. Edgecombe September 28, 2023 Posted in Construction Law

This is a question I often receive from residential roofing contractors with whom I work: Do I have to include a price on my contract when the job is going to be paid by the owner’s insurer?  I understand the reason for the question, which is that, on insurance jobs, […]

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Benefits of Mediation

By Jay B. Watson May 24, 2023 Posted in Mediation

Anytime there are two or more people involved in a transaction, there exists the possibility a dispute will develop.  Disputes can be disruptive, time-consuming, and costly.  With the advent and increasing use of various alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”) procedures, there are a variety of different processes parties may utilize for […]

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Tips for Increasing the Likelihood of a Successful Mediation Conference

By Jay B. Watson May 17, 2023 Posted in Mediation

In Florida’s Fourth Judicial Circuit, subject to certain exceptions or exclusions, the Court, as provided in Fla. R. Civ. P. 1.720(j), will appoint a qualified mediator, and will order the parties to attend and participate in mediation prior to trial.  Mediation is one of several alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”) procedures […]

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