Declaratory Statement for Florida Contractors

By Christopher M. Cobb January 22, 2021 Posted in Construction Law

Many Florida contractors and license holders find it can be difficult to read and interpret statutes that govern their license. This post will cover some specific information regarding petitions for declaratory statements that license holders and his/her attorney should know before they appear in front of the CILB. A declaratory […]

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How Do You Become a Pool Contractor in Florida?

By Christopher M. Cobb January 15, 2021 Posted in Construction Law

One of the unintended consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic is the explosion of the pool industry.  People under quarantine or stay at home orders are exploring recreational improvements to their homes.  A pool is a great choice.  As a result of the increase in the demand for pools, many people […]

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Attorney Fees Billing Practices

By William F. Cobb January 5, 2021 Posted in Business Litigation

Attorneys are reminded that the burden of establishing a reasonable fee rests with the fee applicant, who supplies the court with “specific and detailed evidence” in an organized fashion.  Most attorneys keep time records for work done by the lawyer or lawyers on the cases they work.  Most time records […]

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