An Introduction and History of the Statute of Repose in Florida

By Nicholas J. Elder January 31, 2022 Posted in Construction Law

Florida’s statute of repose for construction defect cases is intended to provide certainty to contractors by ensuring that potential claims are asserted in a timely manner, and to guarantee that these contractors are not subject to liability indefinitely.  The statute of repose period is related to, but distinct, from the […]

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Government Construction Contracting Part 1: The Miller Act – Bonds of Contractors on Federal Public Projects

By James M. Gonzalez January 12, 2022 Posted in Construction Law

As discussed in our 2020 segment “Florida’s Construction Lien Laws,” liens provide a contractor that is performing construction services for an improvement to a piece of land an ability to protect their interest via maintaining a right to record a lien on the land. However, unlike private residential and commercial […]

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What Every Community Association Board Member Should Know

By Hans C. Wahl October 20, 2021 Posted in Community Association Law

Being a community association board member can be challenging and difficult at times.  It is a volunteer position, and those who take on that role provide a valuable and needed service for their communities.  There are no specific qualifications required for being a volunteer community association board member.  Homeowners from […]

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