Ways to Prevent Vandalism in Community Associations

By Christopher M. Cobb August 31, 2020 Posted in Community Association Law

Vandalism has been an issue with both condominiums and homeowners’ associations for as long this type of community and lifestyle has existed.  With the current status of Covid-19 and school closures, vandalism may increase with more of our youth being required to stay home.  Instances of vandalism can be relatively […]

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What is the Effect of Corporate Officer Exemptions on Worker’s Compensation Coverage for Downstream Contractors?

By Nicholas Elder August 18, 2020 Posted in Construction Law

Florida statutory and administrative guidelines task contractors with a great deal of responsibility for the privilege of conducting business in the State.  One of those responsibilities is ensuring that employees and laborers on a project site are properly protected and insured. Every contractor and subcontractor who engages in construction activities […]

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Florida’s Construction Lien Laws: A Party’s Right to Information – Sworn Statement of Account

By James M. Gonzalez August 4, 2020 Posted in Construction Law

In this segment, we discuss the statutory right to request – and the requirement to provide – information regarding contracts, amounts due under contracts, labor and services performed, who performed the labor or services, materials furnished, who provided the materials, and other relevant information relating to a specific improvement to […]

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