Florida Legislature Proposes Increased Limits to Florida Homeowner Recovery Fund Claims

By Christopher M. Cobb March 26, 2024 Posted in Community Association Law

The proposed changes to Chapter 489, Florida Statutes, are part of a larger bill impacting many professions governed by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) and would impact the limits of Florida Homeowner Recovery Fund claims.  House Bill 1335 proposes amendments to Section, 489.143, Florida Statutes.   If passed, […]

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Mediating With A Pro-Se Party

By Jay B. Watson December 18, 2023 Posted in Mediation

The role of a mediator, acting as a neutral and impartial third person, is to encourage the resolution of a dispute by facilitating a process, which will provide the parties an opportunity to resolve their dispute by agreement.  It is up to the parties, not the mediator, to determine whether […]

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Roofing Contractors: Yes, You Must Provide A Price In Your Contract For Insurance Jobs Even If The Insurer Hasn’t Approved The Final Amount Of The Claim

By Adam B. Edgecombe September 28, 2023 Posted in Construction Law

This is a question I often receive from residential roofing contractors with whom I work: Do I have to include a price on my contract when the job is going to be paid by the owner’s insurer?  I understand the reason for the question, which is that, on insurance jobs, […]

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