Attorneys’ Fees for Breach of a Mediated Settlement Agreement

By Jay B. Watson May 12, 2023 Posted in Mediation

As explained in a February, 2023, blog entitled Mediated Settlement Agreements – No Signed Writing = No Enforceable Agreement, the enforceability of a mediated settlement agreement requires that the agreement be in the form of a signed writing.  A mediated settlement agreement lacking in specificity or one that fails to […]

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Assignment of Benefits Blog series – Part 1

By James M. Gonzalez March 13, 2023 Posted in Construction Law

What is an Assignment of Benefits? As a homeowner or contractor in Florida, it is likely that you have heard of someone who has (or you have personally) dealt with repairing a home or business following a natural disaster, weather event, or accident. In doing so, you probably have interacted […]

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